What does Windows Server 2016 End of Life (EOL) mean for you?

You’ve probably been seeing a lot about end of support (EoS) for Windows Server 2008 lately. It’s big news, so we couldn’t blame you if you missed the fact that Windows Server 2016 has reached end of life (EoL) and will be considered obsolete at the end of November 2019.

There’s no need to fear. EoL simply means that Microsoft® has released a newer version—so it’s time to say goodbye to Windows Server 2016 OEM licensing from HPE—and hello to Windows Server 2019.

The last day HPE shipped any Windows Server 2016 products was 31 October 2019, though units sent to a distributor or reseller Partner may still be available for purchase after that date. But if you're running HPE OEM Windows Server 2016 Essentials, Windows Server 2016 Standard, or Windows Server 2016 Datacenter editions, Microsoft will support them through 2027.

If you're looking to upgrade from Windows Server 2008, it pays to consider Windows Server 2019 on HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers. HPE OEM Windows Server 2019 licenses offer many advantages over other licensing types: they are affordable, customized, and optimized for HPE ProLiant servers, and they include 90 days of free HPE setup support.

When you pair Windows Server 2019 with HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers, you’ll benefit from next-level computing speeds and increased storage capacity, helping your businesses do more, faster—with better insights and performance. Plus, HPE and Microsoft have added cutting-edge security measures to the server and operating system to protect you from cyberthreats and help you maintain data security and compliance.

Still not quite ready to make the switch? HPE OEM Windows Server 2019 licenses come with downgrade rights. This means you can purchase the Windows Server 2019 license and then downgrade it to Windows Server 2016 until you’re ready to use Windows Server 2019.

Visit our alliance page for more details on product versions and which one is the best choice for you.


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