What in the VMworld …? Ah, it’s a tamed IT Monster.

By Bernadina Mickey 

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HPE is a Global Diamond Sponsor of VMworld 2018, being held from August 26 – 30 in Las Vegas, NV.  This year, we’ll be completely focused on showing you how to Tame the I.T. Monster. How? By showcasing HPE people and technologies that have proven their ability to transform the fiercest, scariest, most horrible IT beast into a beauty of an IT environment that delivers exactly the capabilities and results you want and need for your business. 

Our Tamers are easy to find

If you’re attending the event, you won’t have to look far to find our terrific tamers. Both the technology and the experts you seek will be at HPE Booth 1300.  Here’s who and what will be waiting for you: 

  • A talented team of vExperts will be at our Guru Bar, ready to answer your questions and explore your challenges and plans. We’ll have 8 of these highly trained specialists who meet VMware’s most stringent certification requirements staffing the bar, waiting to share their IT taming strategies with you. Note that HPE executives and SMEs will also be available to meet with you at the event. Please ask your HPE representative for assistance in setting up a meeting.
  • 15 top-notch Theater sessions – Sessions run on all four days of the event: Sunday – Wednesday. Many are presented at least twice to make it easier for you to attend. Here are just some of the topics:
    • Transform Hybrid IT with VMware Cloud Foundation and HPE Synergy
    • Run MC applications and DB with VMware on HPE Superdome and Synergy
    • Solving your VDI blues with HPE Synergy and HPE SimpliVity
    • Navigating the risks and challenges of public cloud transformation (CTP)
    • HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity - How our consumption model really works
  • 12 thrilling Demos showing HPE – VMware solutions and their results in action. Again, here are just some of the Demo topics:
    • HPE OneSphere
    • End user computing VDI with  Horizon View (SimpliVity + Synergy)
    • SimpliVity w/ Plexxi + NSX
    • Gen10 Technologies
    • Synergy composable integration with VMware Cloud Foundation and VSAN
    • Muiti-cloud Management using HPE OneView for vCenter
    • Smart Storage featuring Infosight for Nimble and 3Par 

A whole lot of taming going on

HPE will also be presenting five monster-managing, beast-beating sessions at VMworld: 

  • “It’s a Data-Driven World: How to Choose Your Right Data Platform.” Session ID: VAP1263QU. Sunday, August 26. 1:30 p.m.
  • “Best Practices for Executing Multi-Cloud Environments.” Session ID: LDT3688BUS. Monday, August 27. 2:30 p.m.
  • “Composable Infrastructure Innovations: Cloud Foundation and HPE Synergy.” Session ID: PRV2121BU. Monday, August 27. 4:30 p.m.
  • “Storage Infrastructure for VMware: Software Defined to Workload Optimized.” Session ID: VIN3684BUS. Tuesday, August 28. 11:00 a.m.
  • “Hybrid IT: HPE’s composable, software-defined, dynamic datacenter vision.” Session ID: LDT3685BUS. Wednesday, August 29. 8:00 a.m. 

There’s no doubt your event schedule is busy. But these sessions are definitely worth including. Check out the event Content Catalog (filtered by HPE) for more information 

Telling Tamers apart 

VMworld general photo 1.jpgWhile others may claim equal taming talent, only HPE offers the broadest solution portfolio of solutions for VMware customers that solve the complexities of building and managing hybrid clouds, lower capex with consumption delivery, and accelerate DevOps initiatives with a rich set of API’s. For example, our taming touch results in:

  • Hybrid cloud deployment from months to days with VMware Cloud Foundation and HPE Synergy
  • 90% Guaranteed storage capacity savings with HPE SimpliVity
  • Manage and provision tasks 12x faster with HPE OneView +VMware vCenter
  • Fastest VMware virtual work load performance
  • Up to 30% lower capital expenditure with HPE GreenLake

 More info on the HPE Monster-Taming Tournament

Complete information on HPE’s presence and activities at VMware is available on our event site

Bernadina Mickey is the Global Marketing Lead for the VMware Alliance, directing all aspects of HPE's global alliance marketing strategy and partner marketing. She is responsible for developing and implementing end-to-end sales and marketing Initiatives and programs. Bernadina has spent most of her 20-year career at HPE in both engineering and marketing roles and understands both the power and importance of this strategic alliance.  You can follow her on Twitter : @bebe_mick  and on LinkedIn at


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