Whoa! Now that’s infrastructure optimization for you! From HPE and Docker.

I know there will be many activities at DockerCon – each one vying for your attention. But I would suggest you stop at the HPE booth and focus that attention on the joint solutions available from the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) – Docker alliance.

HPE is the One-Stop Shop for Enterprises on their E2E Dockerization journey with hardware, software, services, expertise and flexible consumption models to ensure the success of your Container Strategy. Our comprehensive solutions span the entire application life cycle and help you cut costs, reduce complexity, and increase performance for even the most demanding enterprise workloads. Our Infrastructure Optimization solution is an excellent case in point … and will be available for you to explore at the event.

Making the best use of Docker containers
Docker containers offer key benefits to help organizations optimize their infrastructure choices, including:

  • Portability, allowing a Docker workload deployed to the cloud to be easily migrated into the data center, either on “bare-metal” or into a virtual machine.
  • Greater efficiency through the use of fewer resources than both virtual machine-based and bare-metal deployments of the same workloads. For virtual machine, greater efficiency come from containers sharing the underlying OS, versus having to have a dedicated OS for each application instance. For the bare-metal case, Docker container isolation enables organizations to run multiple workloads on the same server with very little overhead.

Regardless of deployment model, containers can enable more efficient utilization of compute resources, which means greater application deployment flexibility, and potentially decreased capital and operational costs.

Add the power of HPE IT and services for an unbeatable solution
Now along comes HPE with technology and services that let you undertake your infrastructure modernization initiatives more easily, quickly and with greater confidence. That’s because HPE offers the best, most reliable, high performing hardware platforms to run Docker Containers.

It all starts with HPE Synergy - a great system for consolidating enterprise workloads, both containers and non-containers. Synergy lets you run the container apps on bare metal and the Docker cluster manager (UCP) and Docker registry on VMs - all on the same Synergy platform. Whoa! Now that’s something.

Synergy is also your on-ramp to the Composable Infrastructure where a unified API in HPE OneView can extend the power of infrastructure automation to every aspect of the data center: virtualization, facilities, cloud and DevOps. ISVs and developers can use the unified API as part of their solutions to automate infrastructure deployment and updates, while also managing facilities. You spend less time developing apps and operating your environments, plus accelerate time to value.

The HPE – Docker solution can be invaluable in any initiative to modernize traditional applications. According to a recent study, there are over 87 million on-premise legacy Linux and Windows workloads. Moving these workloads to hybrid multi-cloud is top priority for many enterprise IT organizations, including yours, perhaps. HPE – Docker Infrastructure Optimization can make it happen.

A basic diagram of such an infrastructure optimization solution is shown in Figure 1 below.Infrsatructure optimization for blog.jpgFigure 1

And so much more
HPE continues to work closely with Docker to accelerate the deployment of Docker on HPE platforms using OneView integration and Synergy Image Streamer technology. Imagine: being able to automate and quickly spin up your Docker cluster on Synergy in minutes, versus doing tedious manual installs that can take hours.

Now let’s keep imagining. What if you could have all of this in your data center on a consumption basis? You could provision capacity for anticipated needs, yet pay only for what you use. So let’s change the “could” to “can” because this “Docker on demand” approach is available right now with HPE Flexible Capacity. Also note that advisory and professional services from HPE Pointnext provide outstanding assistance throughout the optimization process – from dedicated services to identify the best overall approach for your organization to a paid Proof of Concept (POC) that helps you see value in days, not months.

Did we capture your attention?
There’s much more to talk about when it comes to defining the right infrastructure optimization approach for you. Make it a point to stop by for a discussion with HPE experts when you’re at DockerCon.

If you are not attending the event, find out more about the solutions available through the HPE – Docker alliance by checking out the alliance web page.

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