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Why Customers Use Solid State Drives and PCIe Workload Accelerators?


We cannot deny it, the IT landscape is rapidly changing due to the geometric growth of mobile data, social media, and the cloud. Every minute there are tens of thousands of tweets, hundreds of thousands of Facebook status updates, and numerous other social media events all occurring at once.


The great news is that HP is leading the charge to provide solutions to data center managers!


The HP ProLiant Gen8 portfolio leads the industry and key parts of the core of this portfolio are HP Qualified Options. Solid State Drives and PCIe Workload Accelerators are great examples of HP Qualified Options and both are essential to HP’s Gen8 solution value proposition. For the most demanding, storage intensive workloads, HP has optimized their Gen8 servers for solid state giving customers a 6x performance increase.


We have prepared a Coffee Coaching Session that better explains these benefits:






HP Solid State drives deliver an exceptional performance for customers with applications requiring high random read IOPs performance and deliver higher performance, lower latency, and lower power solutions when compared with traditional rotating media. These drives also fit seamlessly into the existing HP infrastructure. All of HP’s Solid State products offer performance that can be 40X more when compared to rotating hard disk drives.


You may have noticed the category name for HP’s PCIe cards is now “HP PCIe Workload Accelerators.” These are PCIe card-based direct-attach solutions that offer amazing performance with low latency and enterprise reliability and include two types. The first option is HP’s Mainstream Endurance HP IO Accelerators, which feature very low access latency with great performance. Another offering is HP’s new High Endurance HP PCIe Workload Accelerators with blazing performance of 715,000 IOPs for random 4K reads.


HP SSDs and PCIe Workload Accelerators are further segmented by endurance, which is expressed in terms of Drive Writes per Day. In both Solid State Drives and PCIe Workload Accelerators, HP offers high endurance products in the range of 25DWPD and up, as well as mainstream endurance products (up to 10 DWPD) and value endurance products (up to 1 DWPD).


New HP PCIe Workload Accelerators



For workloads that demand very high performance, customers are ramping up adoption of solid-state products in lieu of traditional rotating hard disk drives and HP SSDs and PCIe Workload Accelerators provide competitive cost, low system power, and low total cost of ownership. To learn more about HP’s solid-state offerings be sure to join the Coffee Coaching community by following us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.



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