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Why deeds will always beat out speeds and feeds


By Duncan Campbell


checkered_flag_sm.jpgI was channel surfing this week-end and happened on one of the all-sports channels just as two top fuel funny cars started screaming down the track. They both hit almost 300 miles an hour in about 1000 feet, burning up 15+ gallons of fuel in the process. Now that’s what I call speeds and feeds!


But the reality is that very few of us will actually go out a buy a top fuel funny car based on those specs … as impressive as they are. That’s because we just don’t need that type of performance to achieve the outcomes we’re looking for in a car. In fact, getting about 60 gallons per mile makes for a very expensive commute.


Making a decision based on speeds and feeds is also no longer the ideal in technology assets and solutions either. The conversation has changed! It's now about deeds: business outcomes.


Join me at HP Discover 2015 Las Vegas to see exactly why you should care about this change and what it means to you. In this session titled BI404: The Conversation has changed! IT Solutions for the New Style of Business, I’ll cover the new Mega Trend Transformation Areas (TAs) solutions that deliver real business outcomes, including:

  • Transforming to a Hybrid Infrastructure/Cloud
  • Empowering your organization with Big Answers/Analytics
  • Protecting your digital enterprise
  • Enabling workplace productivity in this Digital Economy

 You will also hear success stories about what HP and partners are doing to propose, design and deliver joint solutions and leave better ready to act and help lead the transformation to solutions for the New Style of Business for your company.


Together with HP, Alliance Partners are at the center of these Transformation Areas (TAs). They are in the business of designing and delivering optimized workload solutions and services that deliver business outcomes. The TAs will act as the “connecting tissue” between strategy and products and services. This is a bolder unified HP Enterprise approach that is in synch with today’s market reality.


The conversation has indeed changed. It has been up-leveled to Business Outcomes, and this is fantastic news for you!


I look forward to seeing you there:

  • HP Discover 2015 Las Vegas  
  • Tuesday, June 02, 2015     
  • 11:00 AM-12:00 PM   
  • San Polo room 3402  [1445]

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I thoroughly enjoy writing about HP and the synergies with our Alliance Partners.

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