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Why you must include a security solution in sales to your SMB customers.


Many SMBs are aware of the data security issues – and look to you to recommend the right solutions to keep their data secure. Did you know:

  • 60% of SMBs are worried by data and mobile device deployment security1
  • 74% of midsize businesses rated data security as an important or very important strategic priority2
  • Corporate information theft can cost as much as $5.5M per incident3

1. “I.Signal, WW SMB Top 10 Strategic IT Mindset Issues”, Q4-2014, AMI-Partners; 2 2013 AMI-Partners SMB survey 3 According to Ponemon Institute


It is critical that the infrastructure solutions you sell into your SMB accounts include products to secure against security breaches and data integrity problems.  In today’s world, no infrastructure is safe without them.

Pervasive network approach is best


The key to reassuring your SMB customers about minimizing security risks is making sure they adopt an affordable pervasive network security solution.


A best practices pervasive network security solution needs to include these five layers of network protection to:

  • Furnish initial contact control of users and devices to your SMB’s business network
  • Offer straight forward access/easy for the user to on-board to your SMB’s network
  • Provide positive user identification -confirm authentication of the user
  • Identify purpose of their contact - track user activity while on the network
  • Quickly identify threats - solid, proven data protection quarantine threat


How do I build a secure yet cost effective pervasive network for my SMB customers?

  1. Start with secure, reliable, and simple to manage products as the foundation for a safe-guarded network. HP’s Just Right IT networking products are easy to use and deploy wireless and wired access points, HP 2920 & 5400 series switches, and routers that are easy for SMBs to manage.
  1. Detect/quarantine threats by adding HP’s TippingPoint Threat Protection System. This system uses exclusive malware filters to recognize variants of a threat and protect against any exploits stemming from that same vulnerability. Unmatched filter accuracy assures that known and unknown threats are blocked – not legitimate traffic.
  1. Ensure threats are captured real-time and proactively neutralize them before damage is done with HP’s SDN Network Protector. When coupled with the HP TippingPoint system, network security risks can be recognized and avoided.
  1. Unite layers of protection and provide a central point of management with a tool such as HP’s Intelligent Management Center (IMC) or Aruba/AirWave. IMC is best suited for larger data centers and offers centralized management for networks across multiple locations and greatly simplified BYOD onboarding.  AirWave is an Aruba management tool that can handle hundreds of access points.  It can be implemented onsite or in the cloud and comes with many security features and administration tools already built into the access points.  

For more detailed information on SMB security solutions, read the Best Practices for Data Protection and Business Continuity in a Mobile World - A Guide for Small and Midsized Organizations whitepaper and join our online communities on FacebookTwitterYouTube, and LinkedIn!

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