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WindowsITPro Reviews MicroServer Gen8 & PS1810-8G Switch Solution


Have you seen the recent review of the HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 and HP PS1810-8g Switch solution from WindowsITPro?


Michael Otey, Senior Technical Director for WindowsITPro, reviewed both the ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 and its accompanying HP PS1810-8G switch.


He stated, “The HP ProLiant MicroServer and PS1810-8G switch is a great choice for small businesses looking to put in their first server, a home office server, or for organizations looking to add manageable, low cost servers for departmental computing.”


We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!


The HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 packs a lot of power, along with enterprise manageability, into a tiny package” reviewed Otey. This tiny package (10” x 8” x 10”), along with the server’s energy efficiency (designed with a small 150W power supply to maximize efficiency) and quiet fan (only 21 DCB, even when fully loaded), make the MicroServer Gen8 ideal for use in an office. As Otey pointed out, “this server was not designed for racks or computer rooms.” Instead, it was designed specifically with small businesses in mind, and could “easily fit on a shelf, under a desk, or on a table top.”


The MicroServer Gen8 that Otey tested came with a 2.5 GHz dual-core Intel Pentium G2020T processor and 4GB of RAM (capable of supporting a maximum of 16GB of DDR3 RAM). The system was also equipped with 2 x 2 TB HP hard drives for a total of 4TB and while it did not come with any storage, was capable of supporting up to 12TB of direct attached storage.


MicroServer Gen8 .png


Otey explained, “One of the main things that really sets the HP ProLiant MicroServer apart from other small servers is HP’s HP ProActive Insight Architecture and the iLO4 Management Engine.” iLO4 (HP’s Integrated Lights-Out 4) is HP’s award winning offering that allows customers access to remotely manage their server and is the same management suite seen on all of HP’s enterprise class servers.


“The accompanying HP PS1810-8G switch is designed to be stacked either on top of or underneath the HP ProLiant MicroServer,” Otey continued. “Its form factor matches the MicroServer perfectly and a clever case design lets it fit in snuggly with the server. Like the MicroServer, the HP PS1810-8G switch is completely manageable, which is notable for a low cost network switch.” In addition to reviewing the MicroServer Gen8 and PS1810-8G switch after they were set up and running, he also described the setup of this switch solution stating, “The Intelligent provisioning made the initial setup experience very easy.”


Be sure to go read the complete WindowsITPro review.





You can also learn more about the MicroServer Gen8 and PS1810-8G switch solution from our recent Coffee Coaching video.


For more information on these, and other, HP products designed with SMBs in mind, join the Coffee Coaching community by following us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn and be sure to let us know what you think of this server solution!


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