Wireless Experiences and the High Velocity Enterprise

It’s time to highlight a couple more Discover sessions, and we have two on the list today, brought to you by Accenture:

Infrastructure solutions for digital business

Session ID: TB7702

This session describes how Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s market-leading portfolio of mobility and SDN solutions power all-wireless workplace transformations underway in enterprises across the globe. All-wireless campuses, branches, large public venues, and customer experiences enable a broad range of digital business services, including Internet of Things use cases, which will be discussed and demonstrated.

SAP transformation in action; increasing velocity and insight within Accenture


Session ID: BB6415

Ninety-nine percent of all corporate officers want to empower their organizations by getting the most value from their enterprise data. A critical step in meeting this goal is SAP Transformation, which harnesses the power of the current generation of SAP® solutions. During this session, you will hear insights from Accenture’s SAP transformation journey. You will learn how to leverage SAP HANA® and SAP S/4HANA innovations to improve system agility, speed, compliance and cost-effectiveness.

 Wireless workplaces, Aruba, IoT, SAP S/4 and HANA… Some of the hottest buzzwords of 2015 are all covered here – let’s hear it from the experts and gain some real insights into two of the key transformation areas as you head into 2016!

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