With HPE and Citrix, innovation never stops. Ever.

By Jeff Carlat - Senior Director - Global Alliance for Citrix, Docker, Veeam and VMware, HPE Strategic Alliances

Innovation for its own sake is fine. Innovation that responds directly to customer needs is definitely superior.  

m, w high 5.jpgIn the 20-year history of the HPE – Citrix alliance, we have developed a process that accurately identifies the needs of our customers against our own proven strengths. We then work closely together to harness the power of innovation that is embedded in the DNA of both companies to innovate and drive joint solutions reflecting our customer needs and HPE – Citrix strengths. As history has shown, these are solutions that impress, empower AND work. 

We are currently employing this process to develop and launch joint solutions designed to help you respond to this- and next-generation challenges. Our solutions fall into four major areas:

  1. Powering the intelligent edge 
  2. Transforming to hybrid cloud
  3. Optimizing enterprise workspaces
  4. Accelerating the digital transformation journey

 Here is a sampling of the solutions available now and under development in each area. Want to get a closer look?  Easy enough. Currently available solutions will be on display at HPE Discover Madrid, being held from November 27 – 29.  And you’ll be able to talk to members of the HPE – Citrix alliance team throughout the event about our ambitious plans for the future.    

1,  Powering the intelligent edge - By 2020, it is expected that more than 28 billion IoT devices will be in operation. It has become clear that the most effective and efficient approach in generating insights from the data these devices generate is to process it at the edge, not send it all to the data center. HPE and Citrix are ready now with solutions that will help organizations transform their IT infrastructure and operations through IoT-readiness initiatives.  As part of this, we are pleased to announce the HPE Edgeline Engineering Workstation with AMD and Citrix Cloud. This solution is designed to meet the requirements of power users such as designers, architects and visualizers that require high performance with reduced physical footprint, and targeted towards 4-100 users. The solution requires no rack or hypervisors and lowers complexity while enabling the mobility of users and enhancing user experience. Check out the HPE Edgeline booth at Discover to learn more! 

2. Transforming to hybrid cloud – The hybrid cloud approach has proven its ability to deliver the best of two worlds: the affordability and flexibility of public cloud with the security, privacy and control of private cloud/on prem. HPE and Citrix offer a portfolio of hybrid cloud solutions for building, deploying, and managing hybrid cloud environments. At Discover Madrid, ask about our new joint offering, the Automation for HPE Simplivity and Citrix Cloud. In this truly integrated turnkey solution, you can deploy a complete hybrid cloud solution in hours rather than days with just a few clicks, leveraging the fact that on-prem resources are connected using Citrix Cloud  This reduces the complexity of deploying Citrix environments and simplifies ongoing management. You can find more detailed information here

3. Optimizing enterprise workspaces - Welcome to a whole new way of improving team productivity and boosting resource efficiency. HPE and Citrix are especially pleased to be able to offer your choice of HPE infrastructure across Citrix workloads: Edge, Blades, Composable, and Converged. This ensures your access to a high-end workspace experience for graphics-intensive apps with composable Infrastructure at an affordable price point. As an example, the newly announced Citrix XenApp on HPE Synergy 480 Gen10 Compute Modules with HPE Nimble CS3000 storage is designed to deliver a high-quality client virtualization experience to a broad spectrum of multimedia-enabled end users with a minimal set of compromises.  

4. Accelerating the digital transformation journey – It can be daunting for many to transform to take advantage of the latest technology while maintaining production level SLA’s. The HPE – Citrix Alliance can provide assistance at every stage of the journey – from initial planning and design all the way through expert implementation and efficient operation. This ensures that your digital transformation experience is positive and successful. If you attend HPE Discover Madrid, stop by and see what a difference our 25,000 specialists who have completed over 11,000 digital transformation initiatives can make for you and preview new consumption based virtual desktop solutions powered by HPE GreenLake and Citrix at the HPE Pointnext pavilion at the Discover event. 

Innovation AND strength

HPE – Citrix joint solutions are made even more impressive by the strength of our alliance and the confidence we have in the advanced nature, performance, and reliability of each other’s technology.  You can learn more about the results we can deliver for you by checking out the HPE and Citrix alliance pages.  




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