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You can't have your cake and eat it too – until now


By Helen Tang


Cake and Eat it TooI was thinking about this figure of speech the other day and I started to research its origin (which means I went to Wikipedia). I thought, why couldn’t I have my cake and eat it too? It’s there, it’s mine and I am going to eat it. What I learned was that by reordering the words the proverb made a lot more sense: You can’t eat your cake and have it too. Well, now that is true. The reason being of course that once the cake is eaten, you can’t have it too.


I found that other languages and cultures have similar proverbs. Here are a few that I found interesting:

  • (You can’t) take a swim and not get wet.
  • Both the wolf is full, and the lamb is whole.
  • You can't dance at two weddings (at the same time).

Where am I heading with this? Well, hopefully you heard the buzz about HP’s Converged Systems (or Sharks). Some have said it’s the only data center infrastructure you will ever need for the new digital economy and with that being the case looks like I can eat my cake and have it too. Now businesses can move their application-workloads to new levels of performance, availability, reliability and security compliance all while not worrying about going over time, or over budget, minimizing risk with the COE approach. (Can you say free beta with your production workloads?)


Questions and Answers


Before we go too far down that road, it’s not uncommon to have some questions, such as: how do you get started, what are the real world use cases, and how can you ensure success before tackling a Sharks project?


HP and our partner TCS is announcing a new capability at HP Discover that will address every one of these questions! Come to session B5986 to learn about how a new Center of Excellence offering from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and HP can help you fast track your Sharks projects. By wrapping HP’s marketing leading technology with TCS’s industry and application know-how, you can spearhead your business transformation with  programmable models that integrate business process, applications and infrastructure to rapidly create optimal application environments, ensuring the best returns, lowest cost, and fastest time-to-transform.


We’ll discuss real life use cases set in your industries, packaged offerings for SAP, Database Consolidations, Mainframe Offloads and Business Analytics on HAVEn platforms, as well as horizontal solutions around deploying a Software Defined Network on Converged Systems, and application-led migration solutions to the HP Cloud.  Bring your unique requirements and we can discuss solutions to your most demanding challenges in real time!


When you attend HP Discover, you join an active, dynamic conversation on the hottest trends shaping your industry today – whether it’s Cloud, Big Data, Security, Mobility or more – it’s happening at HP Discover. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and we’ll see you at the Fira Gran via Barcelona!


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