ZOOM! WOOSH! VROOM! All passwords that will let you access HPE at MS Ignite

Well, in truth, you don’t need a password at all. Just register for this virtual event today. But if you did, those three would be prefect, because the theme for our presence is “Accelerating Your Digital Transformation with HPE and Microsoft.”

Why the emphasis on speed?

2020_Microsoft_Ignite_540x304 - Kopie.jpgYou’ve seen it and experienced it for yourself. The pace of change has never been greater – with years’ worth of digital transformation happening now in months. So there’s no such thing as “I think we’ll wait on that” or “Let’s hold for more developments” or “Whoa, not so fast” if you want to compete, succeed, and thrive. But you don’t want to sacrifice quality for speed.

That’s where Digital Transformation solutions from HPE and Microsoft make their entrance. They have been proven to help you reimage customer experiences, reinvent workplaces, redefine operations, reinforce security and enable many other transformations that help you achieve your goals in a world that is edge-centric, cloud-enabled and data-driven.  They do it fast. They do it very well.

Let HPE fast-track you for success

As the edge-to-cloud platform-as-a-service company, HPE helps enterprises accelerate digital transformation with an approach that spans technology, people and economics.

When you attend this year’s Microsoft Ignite, we will show you proven ways to:

  • Empower your organization with intelligent digital workplaces
  • Innovate faster with the cloud experience everywhere
  • Unlock the full value of all your apps and data.

You’ll get the latest insights from our HPE-Microsoft tech experts by watching our digital transformation roundtable, as work from home 17 - w and w tele.jpgwell as many on-demand sessions. You’ll also benefit from many resources - all hosted in our HPE Microsoft Ignite Booth going live soon. Head to the HPE Partner page at Microsoft Ignite and join us in our virtual booth. You will find the link on the right side of the page.

Quick! How long have HPE and Microsoft been alliance partners?

The answer is:  30 years.  So why is that important? Because it directly addresses the “quality” aspect I referenced earlier in this blog. Those 30 years have been characterized by deep collaboration, significant multi-year mutual investments, and a strong commitment to making sure our joint solutions deliver the best possible performance to address the challenges you face.

We make sure that the individual components of our solutions and the entire solution itself deliver results that always meet or exceed your expectations. In these days, when time is of the essence, you can be sure you don’t waste any of it on a trial and error approach or spend any of it worrying about if or how well the solution you select will work. We invite you to see just how well our partnership can work for you at Microsoft Ignite.  It’s coming up soon, so we encourage you to register today.  

Need more information fast?

We will be publishing a number of blogs on specific HPE-Microsoft technologies and solutions from now through the event dates: September 22 – 24. We will provide access to them all here on the HPE alliances blog site. Until then, we encourage you to visit:

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Urs Renggli is the Global Marketing Lead for the Microsoft and SAP Alliances, directing all aspects of HPE's global alliance marketing strategy and partner marketing. He is responsible for developing and implementing end-to-end sales and marketing Initiatives and programs. Urs has spent a number of years at both HPE and Microsoft and understands both the power and importance of this strategic alliance in terms of the solutions it delivers to customers.