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iLO Essentials: designed for the SMB


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By Diana Zavala

WW HP Server Software Marketing


Continuing our conversation from my previous post, Server Management Challenges that SMB Can Relate With, I’d like to introduce you to a solution that will assist you with your server management challenges. But first, let talk how this solution fits in your Windows environment.


If you’re running servers with Microsoft Windows Server Operating System—this is for you!. As your company grows or your functional requirements change, your infrastructure needs to also grow to support functions, such email, network access, backup, customer relationship management, and security. In the process, the load on your infrastructure will increase, your Windows OS will have more people to support, and you will need to ensure the heart of your environment, the server, performs at optimum levels and doesn’t crash resulting loss in revenue and increased IT expenditures.  This is where iLO Essentials comes in.



HP iLO Essentials is a server management license that provides additional features to your standard iLO Management chip embedded with every HP ProLiant Server.


promo-ilo-212x120.jpgHP iLO Management
packages 5 solutions into one, that include:

  •          Intelligent Provisioning: aids in deploy, update and configure your server on site
  •          Agentless Management: allows you to monitor core hardware and related alerts without installation of agents or providers on your Windows OS.
  •          Active Health System: logs everything your server goes through 24/7
  •          HP Remote Support: remote monitoring and support that proactively emails you alerts of potential problems 24x7
  •          iLO Firmware: allows you to securely remote manage your installed based server


Additional features that iLO Essentials bring to the table include:

  •          Virtual Media: allows you to deploy, set up new servers and load operating systems (OS) from remote locations
  •          Integrated remote console: gives you the ability to interact directly with the server OS or post OS environment


Now when you are on that road and have a smart phone with you, the iLO Mobile App lets you do everything you would do from your desktop and can easily see what’s wrong, control power usage, write scripts, and access the iLO web interface.

To recap, iLO Essentials is the base foundation to help you with IT cost, IT complexities and lets you get the full value of your IT investment. 

HP iLO Essentials - Offerings for remote server management, uniquely designed for your small and medium business server. (Marketing speak: our tag line).


Have a few more minutes? Check out what iLO Essentials here  and better yet take if for a test drive and try it 60 days.

To learn more about how HP can you help you with your environment, check out Just Right IT (JRIT) solutions where you can learn about HP Servers Flex-Bundles for Microsoft Hyper-V and assemble the right combination of HP products and proven application options to ensure you achieve your desired business outcomes.


Till next time, when we’ll listen to what the industry has to say about iLO…


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