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Alphaserver 2100 service??

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Alphaserver 2100 service??

Trying to find anyone who can work on a Alphaserver 2100 4/233 that is having issues. Preferably in th S Caroina or Georgia area. Any leads or suggestions???

Steven Schweda
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Re: Alphaserver 2100 service??

> Any leads or suggestions???

   Not really.  Can you elaborate a little on "issues"?

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Re: Alphaserver 2100 service??

Originally, got console msg immediately after power up of


interrupt through vector 660 on cpu 0

starting console on cpu 0

breakpoint at Pc 130c98 desired, XDELTA not loaded

----and this repeated rapidly again and again andagain and---


Now on powerup I dont get anything on console....not a single character....

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Re: Alphaserver 2100 service??

Error messages previously noted are back.....

Maurizio De Tommaso_
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Re: Alphaserver 2100 service??

AlphaServer 2100 System Machine Check (SCB: 660)

A system machine check is a system-detected error, external to the DECchip 21064 microprocessor and possibly not related to the activities of the CPU. It occurs when C_ERROR is asserted on the system bus.

Fatal errors:

The standard I/O module detected a system bus data parity error while serving as system bus commander:

System bus errors (NOACK error bit asserted)

  • The bus responder detected a write data parity or command address parity error and did not acknowledge the bus cycle
  • Uncorrectable data (CU_ERR asserted) from a responder on the system bus
  • PCI-reported address data or timeout errors
  • Any system bus device detected a command/address parity error
  • A bus responder detected a write data parity error
  • Memory or standard I/O system bus gate array detected an internal error (SYNC error)

Nonfatal errors:

  • A memory module corrected data
  • Correctable B-cache errors were detected while the B-cache was providing data to the system bus (errors from other  CPU)
  • Duplicate tag store parity errors occurred


It's very hard to help you with so few information. However, if your AlphaServer 2100 has two CPUs modules, let me to suggest you to try to remove the CPU0 board (this module is suspected to be the cause of your problem) and move the CPU1 into the CPU0 slot. You should also try to reduce the server hardware layout at the minimum configuration.


I hope this helps.


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