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ES45 Server

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ES45 Server

we have already bought ES45 Server which must be 21264D 68/1250 MHz but when we check the cpu through the operating system tru64 unix we found that the CPU is 21264C 68/1250 MHz and when we tried to check the diffirence between the two processors through HP site the internet we didn't find 21264C 68/1250 MHz processor and instead we found 21264C 68/1000 MHz so that is there is any ES45 servers whith 21264C 68/1250 MHz processor and if there is a such processor which is better 21264C 68/1250 MHz or 21264D 68/1250MHz

Re: ES45 Server

Hi Jaser,

As far as I can find out right now the 21264C variant of the EV68 is only a 1000MHz CPU with 8MB cache. While the 21264D is the speed up for the EV68 to 1250MHz with 16MB cache.

I have better documentation at work and i can give you a better explanation when I go back to work on Tuesday.