Feb'20 - Top Solutions of the Month

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Feb'20 - Top Solutions of the Month

A shout out and Thank You to recognize the community members whose excellent contribution to these top discussions resulted in a Solution.

Server Solution

HPEiLoCmdlets - Install issue 

"That worked great. Thank you" were the appreciation words for  @rgb99  whose in depth knowledge of the products helped resolve the issue.   SUPERB!!


Networking Solution

HPE 2530-24G Switch(J9776A) Update Firmware Guide Needed 

"Thanks very much. Got it to work"- was the comment for @Emil_G  who gave the exact steps to perform the firmware update.


Storage Solution

Backup Over SAN using Veaam 

@Cali , @Sheldon Smith , @giladzzz  provided the perfect solutions to take backups from HPE 3par storage to IBM system over SAN.  Great Job!!


Software-Defined Solution

Help with disaster recovery 


"Awesome, thanks for your help!" was a compliment for the SimpliVity disaster recovery solution given by @dhooley . Well Done!



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