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Welcome to the new community!


Welcome to the new community!

This past weekend we have completed the migration of our Enterprise support forums (from the ITRC portal) into the HP Enterprise Business community.  This brings our Enterprise users into the same community as our Commercial (Small & Medium Business) and Software users, providing all of our users with a single stop for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and idea exchanges.

In addition to lots of changes for our ITRC users, this also means a few changes for our existing users that have already been a part of this community for the past year or so.

We have re-organized the layout of the categories and boards into what we hope is a more logical structure - a few things might still shift here and there as we refine things, so please let us know if you have any input or feedback.  You will find a map of the legacy ITRC forum names along with their new locations here: New Forum Locations by ITRC Tree


We're also looking forward to being able to share additional news about our plans for the community, now that the migrations are finally wrapping up.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks for some exciting updates!

I work for HPE.