fujitsu a64fx ML server?

Robert Deming

fujitsu a64fx ML server?

Am I the only person who wishes that HPE would release an ML server that uses one or two Fujitsu A64FX processors? 

From what I read, ARM is the future for servers, but there is a dearth of desktop systems that have ARM processors in them:

- gigabyte, socionext, and linaro have one development server based on the cortex a53 (max 64G ram)

-  Lenovo C630 with snapdragon 850

- ampere computing with the altra rack mount server

- solid run mini ITX workstation based on cortex a72

- apple silicon, but I'd be surprised if the port of linux to the new mac mini is successful.

- hpe rack mount apollo 80

Wouldn't it be nice if HPE stuck the Fujitsu A64FX processor in an ML server (or microserver!) for use as a high end desktop system for use with Linux? Maybe add some water cooling for the cpu, and LEDs to jazz things up. (real developers don't need glitz in their servers, but I do like to watch the water wheel spinning in my threadripper system ...)