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Appliance Servers
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4200 Appliance Server

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4200 Appliance Server

I just purchased one of these and downloaded and updated it. When I connect to it from a workstation and load a printer, it takes at least a minute to get the driver. Printing to it seems to take just as long.

I moved the printers to it to increase speed.

Do I need to move them back to the regular file server? I didn't have these problems when they were on them.

Can this unit be upgraded? More memory and or hard drive???


Manfred Weber
Regular Advisor

Re: 4200 Appliance Server


installing an update uses much time, adding a printer may use half a minute, installing a new driver may use one ore two minutes. But connecting to a printer and print should run immediately. What configuration do you have? Is the PSA connected to w2k domain? Than it may be a problem of this connection and the authentification process (dns, ldap etc.).