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A20 Hardware Error on running diagnostics

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A20 Hardware Error on running diagnostics

I've got a Proliant 800 server which stalls almost every day. It runs SCO. I've run the Compaq Diags on it and returned to find the following error on the screen "A20 Hardware Error". The diag.log shows no errors. I can't find anything of value about this error. Anyone got any clues ? ?
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Re: A20 Hardware Error on running diagnostics

Have you checked to see if the ram is true compaq ram. Some OEM ram cuases this problem under diags. If extra ram has been added remove it and run it using the min of ram, hopefully with orginal compaq simm.
I doubt the mother PCB is failing and focus should be on the ram itself. I may have suitable ram in my tray at work for testin gthe system