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Forms on PSA 4200

Francis Mendez
Occasional Contributor

Forms on PSA 4200

Hello, I have a PSA 4200 with the up to date firm ware. I have two HP4050s with multiple trays (one has three, the other has four). I just installed the 4200. I cannot add forms to it. I would like to create a letterhead form and a bond form in order to differenciate the different stock in the trays. The Form fields are greyed out on the Server Properties.

From within the drive settings, I do not even see all of the different forms installed on the server, only the basic ones (Letter, Legal, Com#10, etc.). What am I missing. Do I need to install the form to the printer? If so, how do I do that?
- Francis
Manfred Weber
Regular Advisor

Re: Forms on PSA 4200


you have to be administrator on the PSA4200 or administrative rights for the printer, to change forms and to configure the printer, like a local printer.