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HP IP Console Switch

Andrew Mancey
Occasional Visitor

HP IP Console Switch


We have 3 HP IP Console switches none of which I have been able to communicate with or use for other than as a local KVM switch. When attempting to connect via the serial cable using Hyperterminal, (9600, N81, None), I receive garbage characters as an output. I have tried different null modem cables and different computers/com ports but to avail (including various speeds 115200 etc). If I try to connect the single ethernet port to the LAN, I receive no link light on the LAN switch (as far as I can see there are no LEDs on the Console Switch). I have tried a number of different ethernet cables. I have also tried to connect directly using a cross over ethernet cable to a laptop but IP console viewer fails to find the device.

The fact that this problem exists on all 3 of the HP IP Console units would suggest it is not a hardware failure.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Many thanks for your help!
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: HP IP Console Switch


which model of IP KVM switch do you have, have a look at this thread: