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HP PSA 4250

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HP PSA 4250

When starting a backup of the appliance I receive the following error message:
A problem occurred in a Python script. Here is the sequence of
function calls leading up to the error, in the order they

13 sys.stderr.flush()


15 debugMsg(' == STARTING')



debugMsg =

/usr/local/apache/cgi-bin/config/getsnapshot.cgi in debugMsg
(msg=' == STARTING')

9 def debugMsg (msg):

10 sys.stderr.write('DEBUG (getsnapshot.cgi): ')

11 sys.stderr.write(str(msg))

12 sys.stderr.write('\n')

global sys = , sys.stderr = file '', mode 'w'>, sys.stderr.write = method write of file object>

IOError: No space left on device
__doc__ = 'I/O operation failed.'
__getitem__ = >
__init__ = >
__module__ = 'exceptions'
__str__ = >
args = (28, 'No space left on device')
errno = 28
filename = None
strerror = 'No space left on device'

What's up?
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Re: HP PSA 4250

Getting the Above message on a 4250 . What is the fix short of resetting to defaults and starting over. We have 63 Shares and it would be time consumming to re-enter them.

Thanks fro your assistance
George Delgado
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Re: HP PSA 4250

Here are the instructions for freeing up the space on the hard drive.

Once you receive a dongle (From HP), please plug it into the Serial port on the back of the PSA and cycle the power. This will enable Telnet on the PSA.

From a Command prompt Telnet to the PSA and enter your administrator name and password.

Type the following command:

sudo -u root /bin/rm /var/log/httpd/*_log.*

This should delete the large log file that is filling up the hard drive.
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Re: HP PSA 4250

What is the Part # of the dongle?
A Job Well Done is a Job Twice Done.
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Re: HP PSA 4250

For anyone that runs into this problem: there's a patch available that can be applied to the PSA (via Firmware Update). Just contact an HP support center for this.
Next, do a normal upgrade to 2.5.143.
So don't focus on that dongle...
Manfred Weber
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Re: HP PSA 4250

I have the same problem and some more (I cannot reconfigure printers/drivers etc.). I didn't get this dongle, it seems to be impossible to get one. So I followed the instructions of hp support and did the following:
- performing a factory reset
- trying to do an upgrade from 2.5.239 to 1.5.143, it fails while copying the firmware file
- copy drivers from print$ share to my computer and deleting these files on the PSA
- performing the upgrade again, now it's successfully done
- manually configuring IP settings
- trying to make a backup, it fails
- trying to set time, it fails
and so on...
Now I'm waiting for repair by hp support.
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Re: HP PSA 4250

For everyone: the dongle can't be ordered. So better forget about it, it's barking up the wrong tree...
Manfred Weber
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Re: HP PSA 4250

I have a very sad story with hp (see above). And Jaco is right - there is now dongle available.
After a long time hp said, they will exchange the box for round about 1000 Euro. But I cannot give away the hard disk, because our company policy will not allow this. The box was out of warranty. So I took the hard disk and connected it to my PC (you may use linux or a driver for windows to read and write linux partitions). So I found the volume and directory holding the files caused the message "No space left on device". I deleted the files (in this case messages.1 and secure.3). Than I copied messages.2 onto messages.1 and secure.2 onto secure.3, so the directory structure was OK again.
I finished my job by connecting the hard disk to the PSA, making again an update to 2.5.143. All test are successful.
This is not the way hp want's me to go. But if I cannot get support, I will help myself!