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HP SA1100 Web Appliance - 0109 (no keyboard) error, hangs

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HP SA1100 Web Appliance - 0109 (no keyboard) error, hangs

Hi, I know this is a somewhat older server, but I just picked it up for not too much money, thought it would be usefull in the network. Anyways...

I plugged it in, got the 0109 error code, let it sit, it asked me for the subnet mask - input it without a problem, but then for some reason I pressed the reboot button (makes me wish I thought of reading instructions). When it reboot, I got the 0109 error code again, but it just sits there. I've reboot about a dozen times now, both with the reboot button, as well as a proper shut-down and restart. Still hangs on the 0109 error.

Found the reset CMOS jumper on the board, though of resetting it, but there's no way of me accessing this thing if that resets more than just those network address settings, so I don't know if I really should try that out.

If anyone (please!) can give me some advice, some help, I'd GREATLY appreciate it. Right now, its sitting in the corner of my office, powered off and looking sad. Thanks everyone.
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Re: HP SA1100 Web Appliance - 0109 (no keyboard) error, hangs

Yes it's a quite old appliance, and I do not remember well, but 0109 is not a problem, the problem may be in the corrupted file system.
There is a Linux OS inside, and shutting down with system up will get it corrupted, I suggest you to go in console mode, and repair the file system as every linux FS.
Unfortunately I do not have the documentation yet on how to enter in console mode, but you should have with your documentation.
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