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HP server tc2110 power supply in protected mode

Ajay Khare
Occasional Visitor

HP server tc2110 power supply in protected mode

We have 8 systems of HP server tc2110. One of which gives buzzer sound followed by tow beeps. Which means power supply in protected mode. Can this be soloved without replacing it because it is very costly. Rest systems are working fine in the same environment.
Kindly help.
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP server tc2110 power supply in protected mode

Hi there,

please check this link out to verify You have followed the power supply unit installation correct , check the position of the switch for the voltage and so on, bu t I guess this would not be the case by You , considering You have another 8 same servers

Can you try another known good and working power supply on this server , if it works replace the PSU , otherwise You will spendsome money :)

As last I wish to advise you to unplug the power cord and leave the server so for some hours (24 hr will be great) - then plug it in ... what happens

I advise You to this considering my personal experience and some threats in this forum for other platforms

I hope this helps resolving Your issue

Best Regards