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Name Server Record

Occasional Contributor

Name Server Record

With the DNS service turned on I'm seeing entries for WWW, FTP, Mail, etc. But where is the name server entry? Is it covered under the DNS entry? If so will the name server be ?

Any help would be great!

Re: Name Server Record

I think I understand the question.

In my db. file the nameservers are defined like this

SOA portion ....

IN NS nameserver1.domain.
IN NS nameserver.domain.

nameserver1 IN PTR 172.X.X.X
nameserver2 IN PTR 172.X.X.X

in the reverse lookup files.

SOA portion ....

IN NS nameserver1.domain.
IN NS nameserver2.domain.

1.1.50 IN PTR hostname1.domain.

would could also set up CNAME entries for WWW FTP and MX records for Mail.

See the O'Reilly Book DNS and BIND its really usefull.

Regards, Pete
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