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New image for SA1100

Occasional Contributor

New image for SA1100

Has anyone been able to update/upgrade the image for an SA100 or SA1020 from Redhat or HP. I'm using the original image that cam with my servers and would like to upgrade the kernel to a newer release or RH (ie 8 or 9) that actually have some of the newer features which are a bit more secure. But of course I still want the unit to work the same way as much as possible
Occasional Visitor

Re: New image for SA1100

I have one SA1100 running RH9. The only problem is that the LCD isn't working. We are currently working on this.

If you install RH, you need a video card but if you use the LILO boot loader you can still use the serial port for the I/O.

I will post my LCD findings sometime soon.

Ryan Shear