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PSA 4000 Series and 2.3.xx FW upgrade

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Occasional Contributor

PSA 4000 Series and 2.3.xx FW upgrade

Hi all,

We have several PSA 4000 and 4200 devices and I have recently downloaded the newest firmware upgrade. In a planned test, I have uploaded the FW to one server and now find some major dislikes. Hoping someone can help me out here, otherwise it's back to 2.2.xx rev and never upgrade again (or maybe toss the servers out the window...). Anyway, here's my beefs now:

1) New FW *requires* drivers to be initialized before you can even add new printers? Why would HP change the device in such a way. Since installing the new FW, I haven't been able to create any new printers on that server because of this change. Says I'm not authorized to initialize...what the...? Says I need to login to the PC with a username that has Admin rights to the PSA. What the...? C'mon HP give me a break! Not everyone runs in a pure NT domain environment!

2) Never been able to find a way to add new Win9x series drivers to the device to support non-HP printers. If anyone has insight and real-world examples (with screenshots maybe) I'd be 4ever grateful.

Thank you for any help.

Tony Magner
Network Specialist
Washington County Hospital Assoc.
Occasional Visitor

Re: PSA 4000 Series and 2.3.xx FW upgrade

I agree with your comments in #1. The FW upgrade to v2.3.71 has been a killer for me. Wait until you find another "SURPRISE". I got the same "not authorized" warning so I added another admin account. When I tried to log in I forgot the capital "A" and it denied me again. After four attempts, I finally read the ONLINE help and discovered that both the Username & PW are case sensitive on the PSA. User names are not usually case sensitive, so what's up with that?

In addition to your beefs, I'd like to add a problem of intermittent "unable to connect" messages on the clients. They come and go with no changes to the network. I saw another post with the same problem.

I'm sorry I can't help with your #2 request but I'm not touching this PSA every again. The only thing the upgrade did for me was to provide an event viewer to show me all the errors created. Could that have been a new feature because they knew it was a problematic FW upgrade?

How do I go back to 2.2.xx?

Occasional Contributor

Re: PSA 4000 Series and 2.3.xx FW upgrade

Thanks Donna!

Did you notice when you were fiddling with the username issue that the you get authenticated to the PSA as COMPUTERNAME (or DOMAIN)\Username? Then it proceeds to tell you that that username doesn't match any on the PSA setup as admins. No duh! Of course it doesn't match -- the computer name doesn't match the PSA name!

Anyway, re rev. 2.2.x FW. I kept a copy I downloaded last year. It's pretty big (20+ MB) so I likely can't email it to ya. You have maybe an FTP site I can dump it to?

Occasional Visitor

Re: PSA 4000 Series and 2.3.xx FW upgrade

Thanks for your offer Tony but I have the FW220.exe file. I was wondering what trick I had to use to go back to that version.
In my efforts to troubleshoot my connectivity problems after upgrading to V2.3.71, I tried to reapply V2.3.71 through the "install" option and it denied me with a response or "Not a valid upgrade". I just assume it will freak if I try to install 2.2.x.

I did notice the computer name issue. At one point when messing with this, I tried to use the NT Domain authentication on the PSA and blew the Windows 2000 connectivity to the domain. I still don???t know how that happened. I have a mixed mode domain with a whacked out domain name that I inherited (domain_all). The PSA will not accept that as a DNS domain name so it fills in with ???defaultdomain???. I don???t know why I can???t remove that along with disabling the domain controller auto discovery feature. Until I read your entry and another posting listing the same ???unable to connect??? problem that I have, I was ready to tear apart the network and rebuild with an acceptable domain name.

I just want to use WINS and let it participate as part of a workgroup. I???ve contacted HP support via email and if I get any answers, I???ll post it here.

Occasional Contributor

Re: PSA 4000 Series and 2.3.xx FW upgrade

I believe I have answered my own questions!

I re-read the FAQ (available at and a few answers jumped right out and slapped me in the face.

I added another admin account onto the PSA that matched the account the PSA said I was logged into the PC as. In this case it was amagner (case sensitive). I already had an AMagner PSA account but that wouldn't work. Once I created that admin and once I auth to the PSA as THAT account, I was able to use the web interface Driver Management area to upload the drivers I needed to and to initialize the existing drivers for use with the printers (point and print is what is affected if the drivers aren't initialized). So, it looks as though my problem with drivers is solved.

Now, I did peek into the Error Log and noticed a significant number of 304 errors which told me that the PSA keeps losing contact with two printers. One printer especially. This isn't the same as the "connection errors" at the clients. I haven't gotten any of those -- yet (fingers crossed).

Thanks for the help on the driver issue. I await further posts re the connection problems.

Tony Magner
Occasional Visitor

Re: PSA 4000 Series and 2.3.xx FW upgrade