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PSA 4250

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PSA 4250

I'm having problems installing PCL5 and PCL6 drivers for HP 4100 for Windows XP Pro on the PSA. The drivers will install but will not initialize.

If they actually install and are initialized, I get an error when trying to install a 4100 print share on a XP box. This only happens with the PCL drivers for HP 4100 for XP. If I install PS drivers they download fine.

Doesn't anybody have a solution for this.
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Re: PSA 4250

The problems is that you can not have NT and 2K (XP) drivers installed on the same PSA for the same printer. I.e you can not use the NT 4200 and 2K/XP 4200 drivers on the same PSA as they conflict. I use the NT drivers installed ont he PSA for my 2k and XP clients and they work fine. If I need a driver for a printer that does not have a driver included on the PSA i download the XP driver from the PSA - which incidently shows as a 2k driver when instaleld ont he PSA