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PSA 4250

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PSA 4250

We just recieved a(nother) print server 4250. We have always had a 4200 and it configs fine, but it has quite a few printers on it. We recieved this 4250 and upgraded the firmware to upgrade_2.5.143_release.hp.
We are unable to add most print drivers to it. We have two canon AIO's and that drive goes fine, whenever we try to add 4200 PCl6 it just takes forever to copy files and eventually times out. The same goes for 4050, 4250, and 3500, lj4 (the most basic of basic!!!) We have also tried the PS drivers (but we would rather use PCL) and they wont go either. The error msg kinda sucks, just says failed, has anyone seen this before?
I honestly wish i had not upgraded the firmware now, or atleast tried it before I did, does anyone have a they can send me? other Possible suggestions would be nice as well

Manfred Weber
Regular Advisor

Re: PSA 4250

Hello Steve,

as I remember, it is impossible to go back to an earlier version of the firmware.

With some drivers I have problems too. I solved them by using the original driver from CD (if the new driver from web can't be installed) or using the newest driver from hp support web (if the original driver is too old).

An update from 2.4 to 2.5 should be done without problems. An update from 2.3 (PSA 4200) to 2.5.143 is difficult. If you have done backup on 2.3, factory reset, update, and make a restore on 2.5.143, printers will work in most cases, but it is impossible to make any changes for printers. Than the printer has to be deleted and should be reinstalled.

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Re: PSA 4250

I hate this device, i still cant get it to take the laserjet 4250 or the 3500 drivers.
Wasted so much time with this thing, I could map 500 clients with ip for the time i have wasted on it. This device is suppose tomake things easier.