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Problems with sa1100

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Problems with sa1100


I have a big problem with my sa1100.
if i create a new domain eg.
and specify a disk quota of 10 Mb the system will create a domain user with a disk quota of 20Mb <- why is it 20mb if i have specified 10 Mb disk quota for domain space ?

after that i will create a new user ... after entering all needed information ill click on create and than ill get this error message:

The specified disk quota is too large for the associated domain.

i can choose from 1 to 1000 everthing in user disk quota but i will allways get this error message.

what am i doing wrong ??

Thx for help
-Sven Guester
Occasional Contributor

Re: Problems with sa1100

I have the same problem. I have one domain set up perfectly, (and working, mind you!) but when I try to add another domain, it tells me that I don't have space, even though I have about 90GB free (from the 2nd HD that I added). I think there's a setting that needs changing somewhere, but I'm unsure of where it is, or what it should be. If you find out, please let me know too - I have a few more domains to add here, and it's driving me crazy that I can't change something so simple. You can email me at Thanks. Dave.