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SA1100 DNS and then some!

Bob Tyrell_1
Occasional Visitor

SA1100 DNS and then some!

Hello to all!

Let me first explain that I'm a newbie and I have read every post here relating to the sa1100.

I can get my server to work great on my Lan, but not publicly as I would like.

My ultimate goal is to setup up my server to be a nameserver for the Primary/Secondary DNS and to use multiple virtual domains on it with working email. Is that to much to ask? :)

I am using NAT. I understand about Public/Private ips and I know how to add servermapping to my router and how to open the required ports.

At great risk of getting flammed to death I will ask these questions: :)

1) The Server Network Settings. Do I use public(WAN) or private ip info here? DNS settings from my isp here as well?

2)The Domain settings same question as above.

3)DNS for all domains. How do I use multiple domains from my registar. (godaddy for example)

4) Would info entered for domain1 be the nameserver?

I don't know Bind and I'm not very good with linux either:)

I would like to stick with the GUI if I can.

I've learned bits and pieces here on the forum and I'm greatful for that, but I can't seem to put it all together yet.

Can some one walk me (and probably many others) through the whole setup process (post router) for this application?

Any help would be appreciated! :)

Wayne Jauss
Occasional Visitor

Re: SA1100 DNS and then some!

your 6 month old post shows no reply. I have the very same questions. Have you found any of the solutions yet? I can make my webserver work if I bypass router and use a public ip. No luck yet with router and nat, and all ports open to webserver, but ftp, administrate work ok.
Occasional Advisor

Re: SA1100 DNS and then some!

This caused me a lot of trouble and the only way to use the device behind nat is to assign private IP in the network setting and port forward all servces required from router. This will work for web, ssh, ftp etc, but i don't think is will be possible to use it as a public dns server, as you haven't a public ip, mso it will not resolve correctly. Personally i couldn't get mail and the dns to work with a private IP. I think if you have any hopes of getting this to work you really need a few static ip. This is what i did rented a block of 8 from my ISP, assigned one as my primary IP and used a secondard hosting company for my slave and its works a treat.

I can't see how using a nat IP will work, but then i could be wrong...
Best of luck, its very frustrating there dosen't seem to be any interest in this forum, of trying to support each other.
Most posts go unanswered which is very sad.
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