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SA1100 Reboots about every 5-10 minutes for not reason

Occasional Contributor

SA1100 Reboots about every 5-10 minutes for not reason

For some reason this server reboots itself about every 5-10 minutes for no apparent reason. Regardless of what is happening.
Additionally I can't seem to get the WEB services started. I'm hosting several sites on this server and have been down for 24 hours. Any help would be appreciated. I've attached part of the messages log.
Occasional Advisor

Re: SA1100 Reboots about every 5-10 minutes for not reason

I had the same thing occur after installing some php apps. Rebooted ever 7 mins. I was fortunate to have made contact with a guy named Brian Hithcock. He reinstalled,updated,added php4 and mysql, put in a raid and the like slicker-n-cowslobber. Very reasonable and the server has never missed a beat since.
The SA1100 is a good server. But, it seems to have it's on unique quirks.

Send him a mail

Tell him Rx says hi and thanks again.

Hope this helps
Marble Falls Tx