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VPN 3150

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Claudio Cristofaro
Occasional Contributor

VPN 3150

I'm installing a HP SA3150 VPN and I would like to post some questions:
1) At the moment it has a rather old 6.82 firmware. Wich is the best / most update firmware available? Should I upgrade it?

2) I'm running a 500 user VPN with four Intel 3110 (firmware 6.9) and I've to say it works GREAT. I would like to move move all 4 the configuration to the sa3150 (in order to use only one appliance with one back up)
Is this a viable solution?

I thank you all for the cooperation. Best regards
Claudio Cristofaro
Occasional Visitor

Re: VPN 3150

Claudio, That is a very old firmware. You can get the newer firmware here. It is for the INTEL Netstructure series, but don't worry I've confirmed with HP techs that everything is identical to the HPboxes as it's all Netstructure software/firmware inside. With patch level 7, read the requiremnents for Ver 7. If you're processor memory and flash card don't meet the requirements, get firmware 6.9PL-11

List of firmware

7.01p4 is the newest.

Get it here!

Occasional Visitor

Re: VPN 3150

Hi there - I have a new SA3400 and would like to know about the Flash PC card compatibility with 7.xx software and firmware.

If the card that came with the unit isn't compatible, can I buy a card that is?

Thanks in advance for any advice....

Stephen Sang