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Verifying Error ! ( Boot Image 32)- PSA 4250

Zoulfikar H
Occasional Visitor

Verifying Error ! ( Boot Image 32)- PSA 4250

Hi there,
We had a Print Server Appliance that hasn't been used for a while, now our group decided to use this PSA to test printer before production deployment; but, we have no access to it and the admins that have previously sat this PSA up, didn't leave the access accounts to it, which forced us to reset it, upon restart, it goes through a group of procedure and the 2nd last one would be " Installing Driver 932, then it displays another message. which is " Verifying Error ! ( Boot Image 32)".
Without the ability to do anything after that. No network settings, no remote connection.
What would the best way to connect to this device and re-configure it. Please let me know if possible
Thanks :)
De Maria Iann
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Re: Verifying Error ! ( Boot Image 32)- PSA 4250


we are having the same issue as Zoulfikar after switching off, moving offices and bringing the server back online. We are stuck with using windows print server which is causing us a lot of unecessary headaches ; i wish HP would take the necessary time to reply to serious issues such as this one, seeing both the cost of this unit and the loss its failure imposes on our time.
Please let us know what can be done to service this unit, possibly without having to send it to a service center because we really need to get off the dodgy Windows Printing Server and back onto the reliable PSA asap : we're migrating networks and we have much more important issues to deal with than users whining all day along about not being able to print.. ;-)
Thanks for your help !

Re: Verifying Error ! ( Boot Image 32)- PSA 4250

did you manage to find a resolution to this issue?

I've just got the same error on one of my PSA appliances.

Thanks for any help!

Occasional Visitor

Re: Verifying Error ! ( Boot Image 32)- PSA 4250

Hi there guys,


same problem to me!

After a power loss the PSA hangs with "Verifiying error! Boot image 32".

Tried all - no success.


Installed all priter drivers on a Win 2003 Server!

Thx a lot HP in costs me 3 days to install it on the Server and reinstall it on all clients (100).


May there is a solution - please let me know.