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Virtual Domains? How do you set them up?

Zeno Marshall Jr
Occasional Contributor

Virtual Domains? How do you set them up?

We have tried over & over to setup several virtual domains with no luck so far. Any help would be appreciated.
I know it's a simple setting or something?

Zeno Marshall Jr
Emile Snijders
Occasional Advisor

Re: Virtual Domains? How do you set them up?

Hi Zeno:

Asked the same question at this forum but no one bothers to reply ....

In my case, I'm using a single static IP on my router/firewall to try this unit. Direct it to your box say at IP (and remember to open ports 25, 80, 5555 if you need them). Then just add additional domains at the same IP address. TURN OFF Virtual FTP and it works ...

Regards, Emile

PS; may not be the "official" solution but till we get some feedback try it.
Frequent Advisor

Re: Virtual Domains? How do you set them up?

Emile, you don't have any replies because you wrote a reply yourself saying you had figured it out.

Adding virtual domains is simple. Follow the instructions. Not to be rude, but click on the link in the upper right hand corner for "User Guide". When it opens, on the left side is a navigation bar. Expand "Server Setup and Management", then click on "Adding New Domains".

In simple terms,
Log in to your server as admin
click on domains in left column
click on the add button
fill in the blanks as on the first site
click on add button

Emile says he had to uncheck the virtual FTP, I have four site running with virtual FTP turned off as I did not want it. Virtual FTP is more commonly known as anonymous FTP. You can only have one site per IP with anonymous FTP. You would probably want this turned off anyway. It is not turning off FTP for the site, only anonymous FTP.

Re: Virtual Domains? How do you set them up?

Here's what I had to do to configure the Virtual Domains on my server.

Go thru the Normal config to a new domain ( Remember to turn of FTP for the Domain. )

I then had to update the httpd.conf file in /etc/httpd/conf with the following information:

Listen Port: if other that Port 80.

At the VirtualHost options near the bottom of the httpd.conf where the new domain has been added. I also had to update the IP Addr and Port there as well.

This allowed me to view the Page on my internal network only. I also had to comment several lines in the Virtual Host section concerning Rewrite???. Only after I did this could I view the page from outside my network.

C. Townsend

All views are mine, not my employers. Unless they were given to me by my employer.
Zeno Marshall Jr
Occasional Contributor

Re: Virtual Domains? How do you set them up?

Thanks for all of your help! We finally got these issues resolved. We have 2 virtual domains running fine now. We have noticed that the DNS server does not restart if you have a power outage. This has happened 4 times with ours. We have added a new UPS which hopefully will remedy this problem. 3 weeks so far without any problems.
We have 2 SA1100's running along with one Sun Cobalt Raq3i. We have had several problems with the Raq as well. With virtually no support!

Zeno Marshall Jr