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Windows Storage Server

Occasional Contributor

Windows Storage Server

Hello all,


I have a question regarding updating a HP Windows Storage Server to Windows Server SP2.


The setup is DL380 G4 Storage Server with Windows Server 2003 Applicance Edition (Windows Server 2003 Enterprise SP1) installed on it. Software running on the server is HP Storage Services Release 5.5.


I would like to install the Service Pack 2 for Windows and I'd just like to know if it can be done straight away because someone else told me I need to up the Storage Release to 5.6 before SP2 is applied.


I have found this article that clears this situation and it only needs a SP2 installer kit installed and then I can proceed with the SP2 install.


So my question here is, does anyone have an experience with this and what is the right approach.


Thank you


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Re: Windows Storage Server

Occasional Contributor

Re: Windows Storage Server



well that is a version of service release that requires SP2 already installed, so we come back to my original question can SP2 be installed on 5.5 directly.