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firmware updates for the sa3450 vpn

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firmware updates for the sa3450 vpn

Just wondering if there are any firmware updates available for the sa3450 vpn appliance (didn't see any on the site)? My version is 6.82, but intel (who OEM'ed it to HP) has higher firmware versions. Does HP have these available, or can the intel version be installed? And would that invalidate the warranty?

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Re: firmware updates for the sa3450 vpn

Gregg, I just bought a sa3450 and applied my Intel firmware version 7.0 to it without a problem. I used pumpkin tftp to download the isbr and safe cfg files from my existing Intel 3120. Uploaded the files onto the sa 3450 and swapped the boxes over on my LAN and WAN. All 68 tunnels came up without a problem. I spoke with an HP tech before hand to make sure the firmware was compatible and that it would not void my warranty. He assured me it was fine. I was previously running firmware 6.9pl9 on the 3120.

Hope this helps