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Clariion to Nimble?

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Clariion to Nimble?

we got a cx4960 clarrion with about 45tb allocated and 30tb used. could a cs240 handle all these vms or do I need a cs500 or more? I am using fc on the clariion but now I have to switch to iscsi


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Re: clariion to nimble?

Hi Tony

You don't need to switch to iSCSI, because the new CS are also available with FC (16Gbit/s). The Interfaces are a bit more expensive, but it is cheaper to stay on FC, than to switch to iSCSI. We will have a POC installation in the next few weeks with a

CS500 Base Array - dual controller, PCI-16FCx1 Dual 16GbFC

only (Qty. 1 pair), HEAD-HDD-24TB; HEADFLC-2400GB


and plan to replace our Clariion CX4-120. Fibre Channel switches are DS300B and they are supported after release 7.x.

We have about 70 VM on vmare and 6 RDM's (Exchange, SQL, Archive with SevenStorage.



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Re: Clariion to Nimble?

Hi Tony,

Can you advise how many and what type of drives do you currently have on your cx4960 ?

The CS240, CS300 and CS500 differ from an IOP perspective (20k, 30k and 90K).   My gut tells me a CS200/300 will be ample but without knowing your existing configuration it will be difficult to advise.

The capacities (if you use 24T drives in the CS500 are identical).  I suspect with the CS240/CS500-24T you will be a little short.  If we assume 1.5X compression then both platforms will yield around 22TiB/24TB of useable.

If you already have a CS240 you may want to consider adding an expansion shelf

If your considering a CS500 then you may wish to consider a 36T/48T which will yield around 36TB/48TB useable.

16GB FC launched today (for the CS300/500/700) so this would be the easiest way to integrate into your existing fabrics.  Please contact your local account team or reseller.  I'm sure they will be more than happy to advise on the configuration and provide guidance on all of the above

Kind regards


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Re: clariion to nimble?

I have about 300disks mixture of sata and FC. NO ssd.

IS there a substantial amount of performance gain between the cs240 cs300 and cs500? I would rather go with FC vs iscsi though having both options would be nice as well.

What are 24T drives?

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Re: clariion to nimble?

Hi Tony,

In a 'typical legacy' storage platform you would rate each drive IOP capability by the technology of the drive. The exact numbers change depending on different vendors but they are largely in the same ballpark.   Here is an independent blog that compares three different vendors estimates:

As a rule of thumb I use 60 IOPS = 7.2k drive, 140 IOPS = 10k drive and 180 IOPS = 15k drive (all assuming random 4K workloads and a reasonable level of latency <10ms). Again for a general rule of thumb multiply the type of drives you have by the rates above (as the blog states above you could do a more detailed analysis based on RAID configuration and read/write profile but just for ideas the above is fine).  Therefore if my array has 100 x SATA drives - I'd expect that to get around 60 x 100 - 6,000 IOPS.

On the differences, a CS300 is approx 30% more than a CS200;  A CS500 is approx 300% more than a CS300 (all from the same infrastructure, as CASL in a CPU bound filesystem and not constrained by the number or type of disks we use).  A 24T utilises 12 x 2TB drives ( 9 are data and 3 are parity - triple parity RAID).

If you can message me privately I will ask an account team to give you a detailed performance overview of the different CS platforms and help you understand what would be the best fit for your specific requirement