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DataWarehouse with Nimble Storage

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DataWarehouse with Nimble Storage

Anybody has experience DW/CRM w/ Nimble?

Plan to win-back EXADATA for its huge M/A fee.

I have confidence that Nimble would show more power in performance but I'm worry about no experience.

And if any has experience pls. recommand the DBMS for DW purpose and open source and parallel DBMS is preferred.


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Re: DataWarehouse with Nimble Storage

Hello ChanEun,

We have had a lot of traction with DWH in my region, Scandinavia, and we have several projects running right now doing some form of DWH ETL from Oracle to SQL Server, or SQL Server to SQL Server. The beauty of Nimble in this space is its simplicity. Traditional DWH DBA is complex, with massive queries and heavy post processing which need to be tuned by DBA's and app developers alike. Typically A LOT of time in DWH goes to storage tuning, like placing certain db files on the appropriate RAID group/type, designing storage for the 'dump' ETL extract LUN, etc. Nimble greatly reduces if not eliminates this complexity. Performance wise the active working set for the DWH will ideally fit into cache, and if not an all flash shelf can be used to cache up to 12.8TB of hot compressed data.

As for Exadata, it was supposed to be a fully optimized enterprise Oracle RDBMS out of the box delivered on pre-optimized storage. However, the reality is that every install is an adventure, and in many cases involves as much if not more DBA and storage admin than a traditional Oracle installation. Again, Nimble's elimination of this complexity and linear performance makes it a great fit for DWH.

It is hard to recommend one RDBMS over another due to licensing, and the specifics of your environment. What I can say is that Nimble is ideal storage for most RDBMS's out on the market today, as well as some open source ones like MySQL and Postgres.

Not sure if I have answered your question, but we do have a referencable DWH customer here in Denmark that you can speak with. Please contact me directly if you are interested at

Take care!


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Re: DataWarehouse with Nimble Storage

I really appreciate for your kind answer.

I have an experience in working at IBM as a specialist of OSA(Oracle-Sun-Attack) team but I could not guess how much Nimble can show its strong points in DW area.

Your answer gave me a confidence for Nimble.

I'll contact to you if need more information.

Thank you again.