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Disaster Recovery

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Disaster Recovery


I have recently migrated all my data from older Lefthand VSA's to a nimble all flash array. Im wondering what you guys are doing for disaster recovery for those on a budget. We cannot afford to buy another array and put it in a another colocation so was wondering the best cost effective alternatives. Currently im looking a hosted zerto solution. All im looking to do is protect the data on the nimble array in the event the unit were to ever fail. I have local backup but would love to replicate.

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Re: Disaster Recovery

Thanks for sharing your info.  If you truly can't afford another array or on-prem solution for DR, Cloud is a great way to go.  You should price-out HPE Cloud Volumes as a virtual alternative to another physical array. Replication is supported and you'll have some similarities to your familiar NimbleOS experience.  For 3rd party, Zerto is a great partner of ours and many or our customers use them for cloud-based DR.  Here's a link to a talk I did on the subject at the last ZertoCon.  Another 3rd party to consider is iland who has DR as a Service with Veeam as the 3rd party software.  Incidentally iland uses HPE Nimble Storage as thier platform so you can be assured of the performance and availability you've come to expect with us.  Hope this helped.  Good luck, Mike H.

Mike Harding | Microsoft Solutions Product Management
Hewlett Packard Enterprise