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Failed to Delete vCenter Snapshot Associated With Volume Collection

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Valued Contributor

Failed to Delete vCenter Snapshot Associated With Volume Collection

"Failed to delete Vcentre snapshot associated with volume collection" is an extremely common occurrence on one of our Volume Collections and I have identified the problem VM. The difficulty in the diagnosis is that there's no error on VMware but I found one VM that was taking around 11 minutes to delete the VMware snap. The timeout on the Nimble side of things is 20 minutes and the Snapshot of the Collection starts at 20:30 and the last operation completes at 20:41 (On the slow to delete snapshot VM). Curious as to why the increased timeout on the Nimble side hasn't catered for this slow VM deletion delay? Any Clues or has the timeout gone back to the default of 10 minutes? How can I check this?



Honored Contributor

Re: Failed to delete vCenter snapshot associated with volume collection

Hi Mark,

The setting is in one of the Nimble OS config files - only support will be able to check this so your probably best opening the tunnel and making a quick call to support.