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Microsoft SQL Server Deployment Considerations

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Microsoft SQL Server Deployment Considerations

This guide provides design and deployment guidance for running Microsoft® SQL Server® data management
software on arrays from Nimble Storage®, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. Readers are assumed to
have a working knowledge of the following products and technologies:

  • SQL Server
  • The operating system (OS) on which they are deploying their solution
  • Basic Nimble Storage array operations


Although the guide focuses on SQL Server 2016, which the latest edition of the Microsoft database platform,
many of the core design considerations are also applicable to SQL Server 2014 and SQL Server 2012.

SQL Server databases can be deployed on Nimble Storage arrays in many different ways. Configuration
options change based on datacenter infrastructure, server hardware, and virtualization platforms. The document
reviews some of the design considerations, parameters, and best practices that SQL Server database
administrators, storage architects, and infrastructure administrators should evaluate. The guide also covers
minor differences in deployment considerations for Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays and Adaptive Flash Arrays
where applicable.


Microsoft SQL Server Deployment Considerations

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