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Nimble PowerShell Toolkit now posted to the Microsoft PSGallery


Nimble PowerShell Toolkit now posted to the Microsoft PSGallery

If you have experience with running PowerShell in the wild, you know the work that is involved with first finding the vendors specific PowerShell Toolkit, then downloading it, and placing it in the correct directory, then checking back with the vendor every so often to see if an update exists. When an update comes out, you need to go back to your server and repeat all of the steps all over again.

There has got to be a better way; well there is, and its built into PowerShell called the Microsoft Powershell Gallery (PSGallery). Let me walk you through the new installation process for the toolkit.

Step 1; Launch PowerShell (in Administrator Mode) and tell PowerShell that is should trust the Microsoft PSGallery, since shipping windows doesnt by default.

PS:> Set-PSRepository -Name PSGallery -InstallationPolicy trusted

Step 2; Find the Nimble PowerShell Toolkit. Note that you can discover all of the HPE PowerShell Toolkits this way, and not just the Nimble PowerShell Toolkit. These other toolkits also might be helpful to you.

PS:> Find-Module -name HPE*

PSTKGallery.pngPSGallery of HPE*

Step 3; Lets narrow that list down to JUST the HPE Nimble Storage PowerShell Toolkit, and pipe that to the Install-Module command

Note: You will also need to add the argument to accept the license. To review the license, open a web browser to the website and search for the HPE Nimble PowerShell Toolkit.

PS:> Find-Module -name HPENim* | Install-Module -AcceptLicense

Once the PowerShell Toolkit has been installed, you can immediately go on to use the toolkit by loading the module, and connecting to your Nimble Storage Array of choice.

PS:> Import-Module -name HPENimblePowerShellToolkit

PS:>Connect-NSGroup -group -cred admin -ignoreServerCertificate

Optional Step 4; At a future date, to ensure that you have the most common version of the PowerShell Toolkit, you can issue the following command which will automatically update the module.

PS:> Update-Module -name HPENimblePowerShellToolkit

Happy Coding.

-Chris Lionetti



Chris Lionetti