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Nimble and IBM's SVC

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Nimble and IBM's SVC


Has anybody deployed IBM's SVC with Nimble Storage?  We have a customer who has made a significant investment in SVC and IBM storage, likes the Nimble storage value prop, but wants to retain the investment in SVC.

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Re: Nimble and IBM's SVC

To pile on...I too have had a couple enterprise class customers who has the requirement that we sit behind SVC.  I am told by product marketing that the momentum we need has to come from the customers making the request to IBM.  However, in reality this will be challenge because a customer who does not yet know our technology intimately enough at that point in our relationship will unlikely make that kind of push.  The onus is on us, not them, if we are going to make this happen.  We need help internally to pressure IBM to certify us.

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Re: Nimble and IBM's SVC

I am a pretty large Enterprise customer and looking to do a POC with Nimble. We have a lot of SVC and would be testing behind that. Another key item for us is SMI-S interfacing and integration with IBM TPC.

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Re: Nimble and IBM's SVC

Thanks very much Scott. We’ll be very interested in your findings.

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