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Powershell to get lun IDs used in igroup?

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Powershell to get lun IDs used in igroup?


I'm trying to get the lun IDs used in an igroup.  I can get a list of the volumes and the lun ids, but not really the IDs and the group.  The different commands also change ID values, Get-NSInitiatorGroup looks to be using an ID for the igroup, but if you put that in a variable and pop it out by volume name it uses the vol id.  I can see why these would be different just feel like i'm missing someting.  I'd like to check if a lun id is in use before assigning it rather than picking one and having it error out or having to have someone select one.  

I guess i could use a random number generator in a range, and if it errors out on a used lun id, have it regen and try again.  

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Re: Powershell to get lun IDs used in igroup?



The place to look for lun IDs presented to the host I think would be the access map.... Get-NSAccessMap.

The command that will return the host seen LUN ID is called "Get-NSAccessControlRecord. It will map a Initiator Group to a Volume and assign a lun and the New-NSAccessControlRecord command offers the parameter to set the LUN any number you want.

i.e. New-NSAccessControlRecord -vol_name MyVol -initiator_group_id $ID -lun 3 the default is to use the next free LUN for that host.

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