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SmartSnap Manager for Nimble Storage

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SmartSnap Manager for Nimble Storage

Nimble Storage arrays are in my opinion one of (if not) the most effortless storage platforms to manage.

Customers I speak with that are using Nimble Storage have already moved away from the complexities of multifaceted provisioning and performance optimisation, instead looking for ways to automate and/or enable application owners to have greater control over their data and its life cycle.

Nimble Storage arrays enable this ability today through a centralised and multi-tenanted management interface on the array, configured to use RBACs means application owners can create snapshots, clone volumes and much more seamlessly.

But sometimes giving access to these management interfaces is not always ideal, even if it is simple. So this got me thinking, what if there was a simple utility that application owners could use and understand.

What i am calling SmartSnap Manager is just this, a simple and easy to use Windows utility that allows application owners and/or server administrators to take full advantage of the snapshot capabilities provided on the Nimble array, as well as automate the steps involved in mapping and mounting volumes to the end device.

Feel free to download and try it out. I have attached below in ZIP format which contains the installation executable and user guide.

Please read the user guide before installing to ensure you get the prerequisites out of the way.


This is not a Nimble Storage supported utility. For any support and/or feedback please leave a comment below and I will try my best to assist.