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BAC 8.03 Compatillty

Trusted Contributor

BAC 8.03 Compatillty

Hi All,


I would like to know the following?


Is oracle 11G compatible with BAC 8.03?


Is BPM 9.13 compatible with BAC 8.03?


Also please let me know where I can get the compatibilty matrix


Thanks for all your help


Regular Advisor

Re: BAC 8.03 Compatillty

hi ,


oracle 11g is not supported for BAC 8.03 but supported for BAC 8.07. pls see the delpoyment guide of 8.07



yes BPM 9.13 is compactible with 8.x. pls find below link




Trusted Contributor

Re: BAC 8.03 Compatillty

Hi Vijay


Are you sure BPM 9.X is compatible with BAC 8.06(sorry My subject line I have mentioned as 8.03 instead of 8.06). I saw from a diferent source just now that BPM 9.X is not compatible with BAC 8.06