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BPM to Gateway SSL

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BPM to Gateway SSL

I have BPM stations within the network/IntraNet that work fine via HTTT and communicate back to BSM Gateway via HTTP.


However, I will be setting up two BPM stations on the Internet, and I want those BPM stations to communicate back to the Gateway via SSL.


For testing I configured BPM to use SSL, and didn't have any problems. However, just because it takes SSL to open the Admin Gui, it doesn't mean the communications back to the Gateway are encrypted.


I've looked at the hardening guide for BSM, but there are MANY options on how to set up SSL.


I just want 1 thing, and that is for BPM stations from the internet to contact the Gateway via SSL.


Is there just one area on the Gateway that needs to be adjusted for SSL for the BPM stations to communicate?





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Re: BPM to Gateway SSL



You will need to follow 9 steps in order to configure that communication through SSL,
the procedure is described in the document attached, page 169.




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Re: BPM to Gateway SSL

Thanks for the response.


I've gone through the process of changing BPM over to SSL using the 9 steps -- No issues. However, that doesn't change the way BPM communicates to the Gateway.


There are many options for Hardening on the Gateway, and was wondering what the best options were in that regard.



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Re: BPM to Gateway SSL

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I'm looking over documentation someone put together for the purpose of converting Apache to respond over SSL.


Re: BPM to Gateway SSL

Hi David,


You can also use Reverse Proxy between BPM & Gateway servers to have the apache work with SSL.