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BPM v9.03 - Using DFEs

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BPM v9.03 - Using DFEs

Has anyone been able to write a Vugen script that makes use of DFEs and successfully deploy it to BPM? Every time that I try, the BPM throws an error (very non-specific) indicating that the function doesn't exist. Is this supported or are we not getting the same functionality from the LR Replay Engine in BPM as we do in LR itself?

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Re: BPM v9.03 - Using DFEs

What is DFE?

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Re: BPM v9.03 - Using DFEs

Data Format Extension

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Re: BPM v9.03 - Using DFEs

DFE is supported in Vugen 11.X and script written in this version should work in BPM 9.03. Is the script working fine in vugen? What error are you getting in BPM? Assign it to other BPM and check.


Running DFE scripts may ask for prerequisite. BPM may be required to run as process or with specific user or something like that. Google around, you get some info. I just saw there is a video on youtube on DFE



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Re: BPM v9.03 - Using DFEs

Unfortunately, BPM 9.03 do not support Vugen scripts with DFE flag.