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BSM 9.1

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BSM 9.1


I am just confused with BSM 9.1 upgradation guide with respect to staging and direct method. Below is some info about our BAC 8.07 architecture:

DPS - 2 servers

GW- 2 servers

External UCMDB - 2 servers

It is 6 server architecture with failover and load balancer. I upgradaded it from BAC 8.0 -->8.06 -->8.07. Now i want BSM 9.1.

But i am confused from where i start. I have some below questions

1. Which method should i select staging or direct? How will i come to know to choose same. will it come in wizard to choose staging/direct?
2. There is only one setup.exe. It install lot of packages and then ask to choose upgrade from 7.x or 8.x. Am i correct?
3. Do i need to run it first on DPS? below is as per upgrade guide:. what will be the  sequence to install it on Primary DPS/Fallback DPS/Primary GW/Fallback GW?

"If you have a distributed deployment, run the wizards on the Data
Processing Server first. The wizards will tell you when to begin installation
on the Gateway Server."

4. Do i need to download UCMDB 9.1? is it available? if not then which version i need to install? I have external UCMDB 8.07.
5. We need to give host or it takes automatically under connection settings? does it not accpet"-" under host name in BSM 9.1. Please see below post for this issue.
6. I do have BSM 9.0 license. will it work? what about sitescope license. where it is?
7. whatabout database schemas. existing schemas will work or we need more schemas to connect to database.

I request for expert comment only, as i am planning for upgradation asap.


HPE Expert

Re: BSM 9.1

1) Staging vs. Direct has nothing to do with you env. It just depends on whether you have additional HW to install BSM9.1 in parallel to your production and whether you allow downtime of your production. It is recommended to perform Staging when upgrading 8 to 9 since there are many changes. It will allow you to compare the results in both env. In parallel and educate yourself on the changes. The first page in the wizard will ask you if you are going to upgrade in Staging or Direct.

2) You first need to install BSM9 with the setup.exe (regardless Staging or Direct). Then you will need to run the upgrade wizard batch (located under bin folder). There are 3 different batches, depending on from which version you are upgrading.

3) DPS first, and only primary. So the procedure is: primary DPS, primary GW, connect failover DPS to DB, connect failover GW to DB.

4) It depends if you want to keep external CMDB or not. You will need to answer this question during the wizard upgrade. If you choose to stay with external CMDB then you need CMDB9 (BSM9.1x doesn't work with CMDB8). Please note that if you choose to stay with external CMDB then you don't upgrade it. There is a specific procedure how to populate data from RTSM into CMDB9 (fresh installation).

5) I don't understand the problem.

6) BSM9.0 license will work with 9.1x. SiS license is on the SiS.

7) depends on staging vs. Direct... I am pretty sure the upgrade docs explains this in details...


I hope this is enough expert reply for you. Good luck with your upgrade!


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Re: BSM 9.1

Thanks Asaf,


I mad few points after reading upgrade guide and your points. Please correct me, if i am worng:


1. Disable all services in DPS, GW, External UCMDB.
2. Install CMDB 9.0 in both external ucmdb servers to upgrade from 8.0 to 9.0. work accordingly with CMDB 9 guide.

3. Install BSM 9.1 in all BAC servers including both DPS and both GW. First on both DPS and then om Both GW. I just hope that it will take same installation directory of HPBAC and will not allow to give new.
4. Do post installation activity like- gateway server ceritificate,
5. Upgrade wizard:
a. Run it on Primary DPS
b. on Primary GW
c. Connect to DB on failover DPS
d. Connect to DB on Failover GW

It means i dont need to run upgrade wizard on failover servers (DPS and GW).


Please let me know the procedure, if someone did same upgradation.

Thanks in Advance.



Honored Contributor

Re: BSM 9.1

You need to run the upgrade wizard on failover DPS & HA GW as well.


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HPE Expert

Re: BSM 9.1

you are not going to upgrade the CMDB. After completion of BSM upgrade you will run a jmx-console operation to push CIs from RTSM into CMDB.
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Re: BSM 9.1



I dont see next button on upgrade wizard now in DPS server. It was available y'day, but we did not have OMi schema. Then DBA has given it to us.

Today when i run Upgrade wizard "upgrade_wizard_run.bat". there is no next button to go ahead....


any help is appreciated. i have already rebooted the server.




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Re: BSM 9.1 - Schema Upgrade fails with error

Finally upgrade wizard running in DPS and got stuck at Schema Upgrade. We are now getting below error after resolving old errors. DBA also unable to understand it and asked me to check with HP;


com.mercury.dbupgrade.correction.DBUCorrectionValidPlanCorrectionException: com.mercury.dbupgrade.correction.DBUCorrectionException: com.mercury.dbupgrade.correction.DBUCorrectionEventRunnerValidator$MeException: Try to add not null and not default column
Table[CCM_DISCOVERY_ERRORS]Database Schema Operation Completed: Database schema operation terminated before all tasks were completed,
View the log file (located at:'G:\HPBSM\log\upgrade').


Please let me know what should i do to resolve it:

Table[CCM_DISCOVERY_ERRORS]Database Schema Operation Completed: Database schema operation